How does it work?

Launching an app hosted on X.IO is as simple as pasting a single line of code into your website and clicking a button. After clicking, cloud resources are dynamically allocated, a virtual session is setup and secured, and a secure tunnel is created between the user, session and optionally their cloud storage accounts.

Once the secure tunnel is established, the user can interact with the app just as if it was running on their local computer. X.IO sends the graphical output from the app, and relays the input signals from the user back to the session, ensuring the highest level of security since data is never on the user’s device.

After the user closes the app, the tunnels are securely torn down and their virtual session is destroyed, removing all traces of any data that existed during the session and ensuring that data will never be left around for other users to access.

Works with your online storage

X.IO’s Cloud Storage Bridge means users get access to their existing Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive accounts





Google Drive

Google Drive

One Drive

One Drive

Self-service app delivery

Manage apps

Our web-based management portal allows you to upload and manage your apps anytime – day or night. We even allow you to import existing package formats like App-V, to make moving the cloud as seamless as possible.

Access from any device

Computer software in the cloud

Users are using more devices in more places than ever before. With X.IO, you no longer have to worry about what device your users have – your apps simply work everywhere.


Secure Cloud Server

All connections are secured using the latest SSL technology, and our data centers meet the strictest compliance standards, including PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001. Additionally, our dynamic session technology ensures data never stays on our servers after the session ends.

Consistent Runtime

cloud drive

Your existing Windows apps continue to run as they always have without any changes. Issues like registry corruption, different operating system versions and separate builds for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures are a thing of the past.

High quality, low latency

fast cloud access

Based on OTOY’s ORBX technology, X.IO app sessions provide an excellent user experience. On average, round-trip latency is less than 50ms and bandwidth usage is below 1 Mbps.

Global network

global network

Our system is built from the ground up to run globally in the cloud. This allows us to run app sessions close to users, ensuring great performance and decreasing latency, all without you having to lift a finger!

Robust API

plugin API

X.IO is designed to be easy for both users and developers to use. Our API allows you complete control over the user experience, and our integration libraries and support make it possible to integrate in an afternoon.